5 Things You Need to Know About Our Gifting

5 Things You Need to Know About Our Gifting

1. We gift with love!

Our founder absolutely loves the idea of presents, something small or big to make another person’s day. Each present is individually wrapped to make the presentation and gifting premium!

2.  Build your own box!

Add the accessories that you love for your bridal party! It makes the whole experience more fun! 

3.  Personalise!

Personalising makes the git boxes so much more special! These gift boxes are known to be a keepsake item. 

We love specialising all presents whether it is customising the vinyl stickers or monograming leather accessories. 

4. Feeling stuck, we are flexible! Get in contact with us!

We love interacting with customers, so don’t be afraid to contact us!  

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday coming up, bridal proposals, or even just a colleague at work and you’re not sure what to get them, contact us at hello@bubblybox.com.au and we can help you out!

We can give you ideas to create boxes that suit your style.

 5. Based in Melbourne?

We are based in Melbourne if you prefer local contactless pick up! Get in touch through hello@bubblybox.com.au.


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