The Modern Godmother and Godfather

The Modern Godmother and Godfather

 Traditionally the role of the Godmother and Godfather was a religious one. However, many parents these days are removing the religious element and choosing a godmother and godfather simply because they want their child to have good adult role models in their life.


Bubbly Box has crafted 3 attributes to consider for your ideal Godmother and Godfather.


  1. Role model

The first 0-6 years of a child’s life is the most important in determining their personality. So the ideal Godmother and Godfather you want is someone you want your child to model and look up to. The Godmother and Godfather are the classic role models for your child. They will build a strong connection with your child, so you want them around someone that you want them to be.


  1. Positive influence

The Godmother and Godfather should always have the kind and caring characteristics that will positively influence your child. There is nothing you would want more than a humble godparent that knows how to showcase gratitude, appreciate and maybe a sense of humour. A good example is if your godparent is always negative, do you want your child to follow the same trait?


  1. Provides support and presence

Everyone’s life’s journey will always have good days and bad days. Your child’s Godmother or Godfather should be supporting your child through out their spiritual journey. Although you might not like to hear this but there will be moments that your child needs to have someone else around besides you. So who would you chose to be that person supporting your child?  


Time to pop the question?

Always remember, don’t rush into this, choosing a Godmother and Godfathers is a life choice for your child. And when you’re ready, Bubbly Box has the classic godmother or godfather boxes for when you’re ready to pop the question! There’s nothing more meaningful than a godmother box or godfather box to commence this wonderful bond your Godmother and Godfather will have with your child.

Can you still choose your godparents even at a ripe age? The answer is ‘yes’! Pop the question: “Will you be my godmother?” or “Will you be my godfather?” and we’re quite sure that your godparents will appreciate the honour of being your guardian no matter how old your child is.



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