Outside the Box: A Chat with Our Bubbly Box Girlboss

Outside the Box: A Chat with Our Bubbly Box Girlboss

You may know Bubbly Box from influencers in Melbourne like   Rachel Goh,   Natalia Kalinowski, and   Maria Camandang, but we are a brand that caters more than just stars. Bubbly Box was made out of the need for ‘gifting with a heart’ and that’s exactly the mission of its kind-hearted and passionate creator, Kerry.

We got a few minutes to sit down with our boss-babe and get to know her and the brand a bit more:


‘Hi! My name is Kerry Leung. I used to be an accountant, and what’s more exciting was my love for giving gifts. I loved thinking about making a gift that would put a smile to someone’s face. That’s when I decided to start an online store called Bubbly Box.’


How did you think about starting an online gifting store?

Well I needed a place where I could get started in helping more than just my network of friends. And I loved the idea of having something personalised, just makes the gift that little bit more special. That’s how Bubbly Box got started. We have a fabulous selection of presents that can be personalised!

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday coming up, bridal proposals, or even just a colleague at work and you’re not sure what to get them, we wanted to create a place for the great gift idea in one spot.



What type of gifts do you sell?

‘Bubbly Box has a great range or gorgeous personalised items. We sell personalised leathers such as keyrings, cardholders, wallets, tassel bags and compendiums. All our leathers are hand monogrammed. We also create customised boxes for birthday, bridal, bridesmaid, engagements, groomsman. They are the perfect proposal boxes for if you want to ask your bridal party to celebrate your special occasion for you. All our gift boxes have been specially created and designed to create the everlasting happiness between you and your friends and family.’


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